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Year 2 Children

Parent overview Summer 1

Term 5  Learning Challenge


We are going to start this term looking at plants. We will be investigating the following questions...

What do plants need to survive and stay healthy?   

How do seeds and bulbs grow into mature plants ?



We will then focus on History  - Who has helped the world become a better place? 

Through exploring this topic we will also find the answers to other questions such as …


Who was Florence Nightingale and when did she live? 

Why did she go to Scutari and what were hospital conditions like there? 



How did she improve the hospital conditions? What did she do in her later life? 


What did Florence Nightingale do to help our lives today? Compare medical care now and then. 








To help us answer any other questions Owls might have, we will be using our 'ask it baskets'. 




Our RE question this term is 


How do Christians and Hindus show they belong to their faith? 






School values


We are learning, through our Christian teachings, about the school value of compassion



Learning power

Our learning power this term is the confident learner. A confident learner has the courage to try new things like Larry the Lion. 














Education city


Remember there are lots of reading, phonics, maths and science games on Education city.