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Year 1 Children

Week commencing 23rd March 2020

Home Learning for Wednesday

Here you will find activities for your child to complete.  For each subject there are two activities.  Please choose the right one for your child or do both if you prefer!   



Activity 1: Please finish the Easter story if you haven't already.  Go back and check your spellings, grammar and punctuation.  Can you improve it in any way? Write it up for best in your neatest handwriting.

Activity 2: Use the powerpoint and resources labelled Wednesday to make longer sentences by joining two clauses with the word and.


Activity 1: Muddle up the Easter sequencing cards. Can you put the story into the correct order? Can you add the text too - either use the text or write your own sentences.

Activity 2: Can you rewrite the Easter story? Try to use conjunctions eg and, but, because and expanded noun phrases eg heavy, wooden cross. Challenge - can you use different time connectives like next, after, the next day.


Activity 1:Please read the Easter Story.  See the link below (Monday:Easter Story).  Make a double sided face with one side having a happy face and the other sad.  Pretend to be Jesus and decide if he is happy or sad at different parts of the story and use your face to demonstrate this.  Why do you think that?

Activity 2: Draw a story map of the Easter story ready to write it tomorrow! Challenge:What different sentence starters could you add to your story map? 


Please scroll to the bottom of the website page for any links/resources




Activity 1 : Find as many coins as you can.  Order the coins from smallest to largest.  Put the coins into piles of 10ps.  How many 1p, 2p and 5p coins make 10p?  Label your toys with the price and play shops.  Can you find the exact money or do you need change?

Activity 2: Use Wednesday's powerpoint and practise counting in 5s. (Resources: counting in 5s)


Activity 1 : How many ways can you make 20p with different coins?

Activity 2: Use playing cards/dice - add 2 numbers together.  ( Jack = 11, Queen = 12, King = 13, ace 1) How many can you do in 1 minute? Can you beat your score?


Activity 1: The answer is 20 what is the question?  How many different ways of answering the question can you find?  Can you add 3 numbers together to make your number?  Can you use subtraction too? How can you be systematic?  Challenge: What numbers multiply together to make 20?

Activity 2: Add 3 one digit numbers using your number bonds (resources: add 3 one digit numbers)



Useful website

 Activity : Please practise reading and writing the ph sound. eg photo, dolphin, autograph or how many ways can you make the 'or' sound. eg. au, ore, or etc.  How many words can you make with the correct sound?

Please practise reading and writing words with ck and ll sounds. Try and write using rainbow writing - write the word in red, over the top orange, then yellow etc.

Please practise reading, spelling and handwriting of the common exception words for Year 1.  The document belowwhich was emailed to you has 6 sheets so choose the right level for your child. (resources:Common Exception Words Year 1 Activity Book)


Reading Comprehension:

Please hear your child read every day and choose a longer book to read to them that you might enjoy too.  Maybe share your favourite book as a young child.


Activity 1:Read the words from Planet Real or Planet Nonsense.  Use your sound buttons to help you.(Resources: Look under phonics below)  Choose either A or B.

Activity 2: Practise "The Owl and the Pussy Cat" from the beginning.  Can you perform it to another family member.  Could you video it again.  How have you improved?




Activity 1: Read the text 'Flip Flap' or read it to your child.  Choose either Flip Flap A or B

Activity 2 : Start to learn the second verse of "The Owl and the Pussy Cat" using the resources from yesterday.



Activity 1:Read the text 'On the beach' or read it to your child.  Choose either On the beach Comprehension A or B to complete.

Activity 2:Last week we started to learn the classic poem by Edward Lear, "The Owl and the Pussy Cat"

Please practise it with actions and expression over the week.  You could perform or teach it to the rest of the family, your toys or even video it to keep forever as a special memory.(resources:The Owl and the Pussy Cat)

Learning challenge:

How many different ways can you sort objects in your house.  Sort by the materials they are made from or by their properties?  How will you record it?  What does magnetic mean?  Why is it useful for objects to be magnetic?


Activity 1 & 2:  In the booklet there are a variety of science investigations to do.  Please choose the right one for your child. (Resources:Year 1 Everyday Materials Activity Booklet)




This term we are thinking about our school value of Compassion.  What act of kindness could you do today?






Our learning power this term is the Inquisitive learner

A Learner who uses how and why questions to work out the answers

Mike the monkey – The inquisitive learner


We have so much to learn, so many questions to answer and we have “Ask it baskets” at school to help us.



We're looking forward to helping you find the answers to all of your fantastic questions!

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