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Uganda Day

Bulera School in Uganda is our link school and we are lucky enough to have close links with them and Mrs Watson visited in 2017.  To bring the learning alive for the children we held a Uganda Day to understand some of the differences between the UK and Uganda.


We flew to Uganda on our special chartered flight from Heathrow to Kampala.  Before we got on the plane all passports were checked and boarding passes were collected. During our flight, flight attendants Mrs Amin and Mrs Waite served us healthy snacks as it’s a long way to Africa.  Unfortunately there was some turbulence during the flight and we had to put our seat belts back on during this time.


Pilot, Mrs Chivers, safely took off and landed her maiden flight.  She explained all the safety procedures including emergency exits and using the life jackets.  During the flight we found out about Uganda, Bulera School and how Ugandan children live.  We learnt many things including how children were resourceful like Audrey the ant by making their own toys.  We learnt about the importance of water and how children at Bulera School respect this important resource.

For lunch we had Ugandan food, kindly made and served by Shirley’s team which was delicious.

During the afternoon KS1 had a carousel of Ugandan activities including art, drumming and dancing.  Evie said, I loved drumming as it was so loud and I am loud!”  Theo loved the drumming because you had to follow a pattern and it was so much fun.  Tillie liked to create a repeating pattern in bright African colours.