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St.Thomas' Day

Saint Thomas’ Day

The Worship Team led a special Worship about Saint Thomas leading into our Saint Thomas’ Day on Thursday 20th December 2018.

The worship team helped us understand who Saint Thomas is and what he did. The children learnt about Thomas and him learning about Truthfulness through Jesus. This is our value this term. Thomas was a disciple, or special friend and follower of Jesus yet he doubted Jesus, God’s son.


We learnt how Thomas doubted God but Christians believe God is always with us and this does not need to be questioned.

The Worship Team asked questions to help the children and staff reflect on when they doubted themselves, each other and God. After this, prayers written by the Worship Team were shared.


The children talked about our school being a Church school and what this means for them. It was agreed that it changes how we learn, our environment and our values.


During the afternoon we made some special hand prayers as Thomas looked at Jesus’ hands for proof it was him. We used our own hand as a template and on each finger and thumb the children wrote words or pictures to say five different prayers that were personal to them. These have been carefully stored in our class reflection book or are displayed on our class reflection wall.