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Jungle Jonathan!

On Friday 26th April Jungle Jonathan visited St.Thomas'. He brought a selection of his animals to meet the children which was very exciting!


The children had the chance to hold Martha the giant millipede, Sheila, Twiglet and Emerald the stick insects and they all met Spinderella the tarantula.


Everyone was very excited when they even had the chance to hold Bourbon the snake! Bourbon was heavier than the children expected so they held him in teams of 5. Bourbon was a very friendly snake so some children chose to let him tickle their hand or even noses with his dark purple tongue!


Jungle Jonathan taught the children how to handle the creatures safely, what they liked to eat and how he cares for them.


To see the animals that we met and to see all of jungle Jonathan's other creatures, have a look on his website...


Thank you for visiting us Jungle Jonathan!