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Learning Powers

At St Thomas' Church of England Infant School we have 7 Learning Powers.

This term we are thinking about being Inquisitive Learners like Mike the Monkey



Larry the Lion - A Confident Learner
A Confident Learner has the courage to try new things and has a ‘Can do’ attitude.



Ethel the Elephant - A Cooperative Learner 

A Cooperative Learner is good at working as a team and is able to share their own ideas and accept the opinions of others.



Clive the Cat - An Independent Learner
An Independent Learner is able to think for themselves and is happy to ‘have a go’.


Mike the Monkey - An Inquisitive Learner

An Inquisitive Learner asks lots of questions and is keen to learn new things.



Steve the Spider - A Persevering Learner

A Persevering Learner believes that they can do it and has ‘stick ability’. They do not give up!



Audrey the Ant - A Resourceful Learner

A Resourceful Learner is able to solve problems in their learning and can adapt their ideas as they discover new things.


Daphne the Dolphin


A Reflective Learner welcomes feedback from others, celebrates their tickled pink, acts upon their green for grow and deals positively with difficulties they may encounter.



Our Learning Powers link to our Learning Mottos to help us remember how to be great learners:



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