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Home Learning

Lots of children at St Thomas’ Infant School have been working really hard on their home learning activities and challenges!

There has been lots of creative and resourceful learning.

Well done everyone!!

Traditional Tales Challenge Entries 


An Elf from the Elf and the Shoemaker.



A delicious Gingerbread man!



Gretel from Hansel and Gretel



Jack from Jack and the beanstalk with his magic bean!



What a brilliant Captain Hook!



A big woolly mammoth!



Two sweet gingerbread men!



A fierce-looking puss in boots.



Donkey from shrek!



Little red riding hood back from a walk in the woods.



The woodchopper from Little red riding hood!

Home Learning Work



What an amazing space rocket!



Barnaby and Dominic's super space rocket!



Presenting the weather!



Beautiful petal rainbow made by Honor and Isabel.



Posting a letter written for Nanny!



Izzy's very welcoming bug hotel! 



Honor and Isabel have been busy making bird nests.



A super hedgehog house.



A cosy place for hedgehogs to come and visit.



What fun food chain mobiles!



A hedgehog house made out of a wicker basket and completely disguised in the hedge.



Addie's amazing animal collage



Amazing work building a bug hotel and super writing about it too!



Izzy's beautiful Rwanda village!




Jack has drawn and labelled parts of a flower.



Oliver's writing about seasons.



Amazing learning about animals and facts about pandas



A homemade rain collecter to measure rainfall!



Making repeating patterns with items from the garden and then turning it into a nature hat!



Summer's beautiful neat colouring and super writing after learning about Paris today.



A scavenger hunt, baking and measuring! what a busy week of learning.



Some fantastic writing about planning a summer day. It includes going on a motorbike to a water park with his friend!



What an amazing rainbow created using different coloured leaves and flowers.



Marvelous morning maths in the garden.



Some amazing writing and drawing about seasons!


Lots of fantastic learning at home! Learning through baking, playing and scavenger hunts!



Jemima went on a spring scavenger hunt and found lots of different signs of spring! 




Lots of fun in the sunshine, ordering objects found in the garden from shortest to tallest.




Super maths! Measuring and ordering objects found in the house and garden.