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A selection of the displays from around our school. The children really enjoy being part of making displays and love to see their work up on the walls.
Picture 1 Rangoli patterns using chalk
Picture 2 Willow pattern plates
Picture 3 St Thomas' Art Gallery
Picture 4 Our learning powers
Picture 5 Spring display by EYFS
Picture 6 Oliver Jeffers
Picture 7 Tony Mitton
Picture 8 Flower Collages
Picture 9 One Small Step for Man
Picture 10 Puppet Show
Picture 11 Pointillism
Picture 12 Hinduism
Picture 13 Uganda Day
Picture 14 Queen Victoria
Picture 15 Hungry Caterpillar
Picture 16 Poet
Picture 17 Florence Nightingale
Picture 18 Going Places
Picture 19 Up Up and Away
Picture 20 Prince Albert