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EYFS/Year 1 Children


Term 6 Learning Challenge

This term we are Geographers and Historians and we will be investigating the big question:

Why do we like to be by the seaside?




Through exploring this topic we will also discover:

Features of a seaside holiday



How and when seaside holidays became popular


Seaside in the past and present


Identify and name features of a map


Human and physical features of beaches


In D&T we will be creating healthy seaside snacks and making puppets. 





We have so much to learn and so many questions to answer. To help us answer them all we are using our “Ask it baskets”.

We're looking forward to helping you find the answers to all of your fantastic questions!



Our RE question this Term

Why is water precious?



School Values

We will be learning, through Christian teachings, about our school value Respect










Learning Power

Our learning power this term is the resourceful learner. 

A Resourceful Learner is able to solve problems in their learning and can adapt their ideas as they discover new things.

Audrey the Ant – The resourceful learner









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