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EYFS/Year 1 Children


Welcome to all our new Year R and returning Year 1 children and their families.


Term 1 Learning Challenge

This term we are geographers and we will be investigating the big question:

What is it like around the world?


Through exploring this topic we will also find the answers to other questions such as:


Where do I live?


What is the United Kingdom?


What are the 5 oceans and 7 continents?


Where are hot and cold countries?


What is it like in Uganda?



We have so much to learn and so many questions to answer. To help us answer them all we are using our new, “Ask it baskets”.

We're looking forward to helping you find the answers to all of your fantastic questions!



Our RE question this Term

Why is the creation story so important to Christians?



School Value

We have been learning, through Christian teachings, about our school value of Thankfulness. How can we show thankfulness?


 Learning Power

Our learning power this term is the independent and reflective learner. 

An Independent Learner is able to think for themselves and is happy to ‘have a go’.

Clive the Cat – The independent learner


A Reflective Learner welcomes feedback from others, celebrates their tickled pink, acts upon their green for grow and deals positively with difficulties they may encounter.

Daphne the Dolphin – The reflective learner






Useful Resources: