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EYFS/Year 1 Children


Term 2 Learning Challenge

This term we are scientists and we will be investigating the big question:

What are objects made from and why?



Through exploring this topic we will also find the answers to other questions such as:


What are the objects around us made from?


What are the properties of some common materials?


What purpose are materials used?


How can we compare and group materials?




We have so much to learn and so many questions to answer. To help us answer them all we are using our new, “Ask it baskets”.

We're looking forward to helping you find the answers to all of your fantastic questions!



Our RE question this Term

Year R: Why do Christians perform nativity plays at Christmas?


Year 1: Why is light important in religion?

Christianity: Advent


Hinduism: Diwali





School Value

We have been learning, through Christian teachings, about our school value of Truthfulness


 Learning Power

Our learning power this term is the persevering learner. 

A Persevering Learner believes that they can do it and has 'stick ability'. They do not give up! 


Steve the Spider – The persevering learner








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