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St Thomas’ Curriculum Intent

At the heart of our curriculum is a commitment to develop the whole child, to their highest level academically, personally and spiritually.


The curriculum is structured and sequenced to ensure there are clear links within and between subjects, with a clear progression of subject specific knowledge, skills and understanding.


Knowledge of the individual ensures that every child is enabled to fully access all areas of the curriculum. The curriculum is ambitious for all children, developing their knowledge, skills and abilities.


Through our Curriculum we aim to

  • Activate children’s prior learning, knowledge and understanding
  • Inspire a love of learning: igniting interest, curiosity and enthusiasm
  • Broaden children’s experiences, providing an understanding of the diverse world in which they live and their role within it
  • Build firm foundations of academic knowledge, skills and understanding, together with the qualities of a successful learner to prepare for lifelong learning
  • Develop children's own moral values and spiritual awareness
  • Ensure  a clear, coherent progression of subject specific knowledge, skills and understanding, enabling children to cumulatively build on and embed  learning over time
  • Enable children to independently apply learning in a variety of contexts
  • Ensure children are able to make links in learning and between different subjects


 Please click on the links below to learn more about our curriculum and to find out what the children in KS1 and the EYFS will be learning about this term.