The Curriculum at
St Thomas' Infant School

Curriculum Intent

Our curriculum is IRRESISTIBLE

promoting a love of learning through exciting, engaging topics and carefully planned tasks which inspire children to want to learn more. Learning opportunities are developed beyond the classroom so that children can demonstrate their abilities in in sports, art, music and through a variety of school leadership roles. 


we provide a RICH curriculum

full of opportunities to read and engage with books from a broad range of genres and authors. Texts are used across the curriculum to develop vocabulary, build narrative skills and foster a wide range of views and diverse opinions about the world around us. Children learn through a variety of real life experiences on day trips, residential visits and theme days. 

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The curriculum is AMBITIOUS 

there is a culture of providing children with learning in an environment of high challenge but low threat enabling all children to feel included and given access to learning which will make them think and offers them an appropriate level of challenge. Our enquiry led approach encourages children to ask and seek answers to questions, developing inquisitive minds and a spirit of curiosity.

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curriculum is carefully SEQUENCED 

to build on prior knowledge and skills. Subject specific skills and knowledge form the basis of our curriculum in all subject areas but alongside this learning characteristics are taught to enable our children to be resilient, focused, respectful, independent, self-regulated individuals who understand boundaries. 


Our curriculum is COHERENT

enabling relevant links to be made between subjects and providing meaningful opportunities for children to use and apply their knowledge and skills across the curriculum.

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Curriculum Implementation

Curriculum Impact

Results we are proud of

Due to the COVID pandemic formal testing of pupils has been limited. Since there are no formal results for the year 2019/20 those shown are for the previous year, 2018/19

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Numbers in blue are the National results