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The Great Change of St Thomas'

This year we will be embarking on Phase 2 of The Great Change of St Thomas'.

This will focus on transforming the front of the school into an area for play and learning.

The transformation of the school buildings has now been completed-

  • The main school entrance has been moved to near where the school hall is and the existing main reception has been transformed into a fantastic new library
  • The school has move internal and external storage and a new medical room
  • The front of the school now has a secure play area


The school grounds are going to be transformed over a 5 year period. The transformation of the school grounds will include..


  • Phase 1-  A Spiritual Garden will be built behind the Head teachers office and a Music Garden will be created in the main playground

Phase 1 is now complete - June 2016


  • Phase 2- The development of the front of our school
  • Phase 3 -The existing garden area and the EYFS area will be opened up and a willow den will be planted
  • Phase 4 -Canopies will be installed at the front of the school to ensure that the area can be used in all weathers
  • Phase 5- Canopies will be installed on the playground to provide some extra shade


Click on the links below to find out about all of the amazing things that we have been doing!