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Mrs Freeman & Mrs Rushton

This half term in Rainbow Class our topic is…

What happens in our world?





We will be using these books to help us with our learning…

Handa’s Surprise

Meercat Mail

My Granny went to market


In phonics we will be practising blending the letter sounds that we know to help us with our reading. We will also be practising writing words using our letter sounds. We will continue learning and applying the digraphs:

ay, ee, igh, ow, oo (zoo), oo, (look), ar, or, er, ou, ow, air.


We will continue to practise reading our tricky words and we will be learning some new words:

my by going today says said have like come some one love were



In our Literacy lessons we will be learning to write stories using our Talk for Writing techniques, we will be learning how to write a letter, lists and an information text.

We are really trying to encourage the children to write independently, so if they do any writing at home, please bring it in so that we can celebrate it with the class.


In our weekly handwriting session, we will be learning to correctly form letter ‘families’. We will be focusing on the

‘Curly Caterpillar’ letters : c, a, o, d, s

‘One armed robot’ letters : r, m, n

‘Long ladder’ letters : l, i, t, b, h, k

‘Zig-Zag’ letters: v, w, x, z


We will continue to focus on strengthening our muscles by doing gross motor and fine motor exercises, including our daily Dough Disco, which the children really enjoy.


In Numeracy we will be working on solving simple addition and subtraction problems, using a range of equipment to help us. We will being to learn about doubling and halving numbers. We will be learning to name and recognise 2d and 3d shapes and we will be exploring and playing with money to help us begin to recognise different coins.



In our topic this term we will be finding out about different animals, the countries they are from and their habitats. We will be comparing fruit from different countries. We will show the children what an atlas is used for and find out about weather around the world and what life is like in different countries.


In our art sessions, we will be doing observational drawings, and making rangoli patterns. Towards the end of term the children will have the chance to take part in lots of Easter crafts.




During our RE week, we will be answering the question: Why do Christians put a cross on their Easter garden?


In our Circle Times we will be thinking about ‘RRR’ (Rights, Respect and Responsibilities), looking at childrens’ rights to a home, family, water, food and play and exploring countries where children may not be so fortunate.


We will also be doing REAL PE once a week, where we will be focusing on the fundamental physical skills of agility, balance and co-ordination through stories and songs. The children love it!


We will be having lots of fun!


Rainbow Class Teachers: Mrs Freeman (Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday), Mrs Rushton (Thursday-Friday).

Rainbow Class TA: Mrs Watters (who is here all week!)