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Mrs Freeman & Mrs Rushton

This half term in Rainbow Class our topic is…

Tell me a story!

We will be using these books to help us with our learning…

Goldilocks and the 3 Bears

Whatever Next

The Little Red Hen

The Christmas Story


In phonics we will be learning the sounds…

l, f, b, j, v, w, z, y, k, qu, ng, sh, ch, th

Ask your child to sing our phonics song to you!

We will be learning about words with those initial sounds, we will be learning to write the letter and we will even start trying to blend sounds to make words e.g. cat, hat, hop, sit




we she

are all

they you

my by



We will also be learning these high frequency and tricky words.



We will be learning to re-tell our focus stories, using actions to help us. We will be performing the stories we have learnt. Once we have learnt the story, we will be changing part of it to make it our own!

In our weekly handwriting session, we will be learning to correctly form letter ‘families’. We will be focusing on the

‘Curly Caterpillar’ letters : c, a, o, d, s

‘One armed robot’ letters : r, m, n

‘Long ladder’ letters : l, i, t, b, h, k

‘Zig-Zag’ letters: v, w, x, z


We will continue to focus on strengthening our muscles by doing gross motor and fine motor exercises, getting ourselves ready for writing


In Numeracy we will be working on accurately counting a group of objects and using the words more/less to compare groups of objects. We will be learning how to add 2 groups of objects together and solving practical problems using addition.

We will also be using non-standard units to measure height and we will be comparing different lengths and heights.

Closer to Christmas, we will be making repeating patterns.


In our art sessions, we will be exploring how we can use media to create different effects (e.g. paint splatting fireworks and wax-resist planets art)


During our RE week, we will be answering the question: Why do Christians perform nativity plays at Christmas?


In our Circle Times we will be thinking about ‘Getting on and Falling Out’. We will think about the importance of friendship and learn ways to solve any problems that we might have with a friend.


In PE we will be having a weekly session with our tennis coach. We will also be doing REAL PE once a week, where we will be focusing on the fundamental physical skills of agility, balance and co-ordination through stories and songs. The children will love it!


We will be having lots of fun!


Rainbow Class Teachers: Mrs Freeman (Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday), Mrs Rushton (Thursday-Friday).

Rainbow Class TA: Mrs Watters (who is here all week!)