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Mrs Freeman & Mrs Rushton

This half term in Rainbow Class our topic is…

All About Me!


We will be using these books to help us with our learning…

I Like Myself!

What Friends Do Best

The Little Train That Could


In phonics we will be learning the sounds…


s, a , t


p, i, n


m, d , g


c o, k , ck


e, u, r



We will be learning about words with those initial sounds, we will be learning to write the letter and we will even start trying to blend sounds to make words e.g. sat, pit, it, an


We will also be starting to learn these high frequency and tricky words:

is, it, in, at


and, on, can, not, got

to, the, I

no, go, so,

He, we , me


We will be learning to write our name, trying hard to correctly form the letters.



In our weekly handwriting session, we will be working hard on developing our gross motor and fine motor control, by doing things like:

Sweeping, using twirling ribbons and exploring nuts and bolts.

We will be focussing on strengthening our muscles, getting ourselves ready for writing




In Numeracy we will be learning to count to 10 and 20, recognise the numbers and put them into the correct order them. We will also be learning lots about 2d shapes.






During our RE week, we will be thinking about ‘Why God is so important to Christians’.


During the 1st half term at School we will be getting to know all the children in Rainbow Class, learning our class rules and exploring the different learning areas in our classroom.


We will be having lots of fun!


Rainbow Class Teachers: Mrs Freeman (Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday), Mrs Rushton (Thursday-Friday).

Rainbow Class TA: Mrs Watters (who is here all week!)