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Welcome to Class 1

Autumn 2017

Mrs Freeman, Miss Penna and Mrs Watters


We hope you all had a lovely Summer and are looking forward to starting school!


This term-Our Learning Challenge is... Why am I Special?

Are we all the same?, looking at ourselves, our families and our wonderful bodies!

Will you be able to recognise who's who on a 'Self portrait' display?

How do we use our bodies and our senses?

Who's got the 'longest feet' in your family?




Communication, Language and Literacy

We will be listening to many different stories, can we remember who was in them, the order that events occurred and retell them in our own words, using familiar, repeated phrases? We will focus on ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’, ‘The Little Red Hen’ and the story of ‘Goldilocks.


Rhyming is often used in Nursery rhymes and stories, it is a familiar word/sound pattern that helps children listen to the sounds and rhythm in words, we will look at onset-the start of the word and the rhyme-second part of the word.

We will be introducing the letter sounds and hearing sounds in words, beginning with the phonemes s, a, t, p, i. n, recognition

We will be reading the high frequency and tricky words – is, in, it, at, on, not, got, and, I, to, the, no, go and so.

In our handwriting we will focus on patterns – anticlockwise, vertical and left to right, curly caterpillar letters – c, a, o, d, g, s, we will explore mark-making and using a pencil with control


We will be introducing book and reading skills through whole class and small group work and will be visiting the library, exploring and choosing books.



We will be saying and singing familiar number rhymes and songs, with many different activities we will be learning to recognise and order numbers, count groups of objects. We will look at the concept of more or less and amounts in a group.

Shapes and patterns are all around us and we will explore and use objects and shapes in a repeating patterns and designs.







There is plenty of opportunity to develop your understanding of the world around us with lots of child initiated and adult led activities based around Art, Music, Design, Science and PE.


In RE we will be understanding how 'YOU' are special as a person

Talking about yourself and your family and what makes them special!

We will join the whole school in Worship and Harvest Festival service in church.



We will also be continuing to introduce our 'School Values', more information on these can be found in the 'Values and Vision' section, About us tab.


Journeying Together in Faith and Love

Through our core values of Faith and Love we show....

This term we will focus on


If you have anything to share, which is relevant to the topic, such as a book, story, picture or object, please bring them into school for our EYFS Topic Table.


 Remember to always have your book bag and P.E. kit in school and please name each item of clothing!


Tuesday and/or Thursday - PE days
Friday - Library day 


Miss Penna teaches the class on a Monday and Tuesday and Mrs Freeman teaches the class on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. Mrs Watters is here every day!

Thank you
Miss Penna
and Mrs Freeman

Teachers - Miss Penna Mrs Freeman
Teaching Assistant- Mrs Watters