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Welcome to Class 1

Term 2, 2017

Mrs Freeman, Miss Penna and Mrs Watters


This term-Our Learning Challenge is split into two, four week challenges!

The first four weeks 'Who is your favourite author?'

The last four weeks 'What happens at Christmas?'


Who is your favourite Author?


In Communication, Language and Literacy the children will be exploring many different authors, looking in particular detail at Julia Donaldson, Eric Carle, James Mayhew and Anthony Browne.

There will be an opportunity on the 24th November for parents to come into school and for the children share their favourite books with them.




We will be listening to many different stories, can we remember who was in them, the order that events occurred and retell them in our own words, using familiar, repeated phrases? The children will also be learning about adjectives 'WOW' words to describe characters, settings and fireworks.


...the dark and spooky witch...

...the huge and terrifying Gruffalo...

... sparkly and glittery fish...




Many sounds have been introduced using Cued Articulation. The children will be building on these sounds learnt to begin to read and write simple words. The children will be taught the sounds - l, ll, ss, j, v, w, x, y, z, zz, qu, ch, sh, ch. Here are some examples of the action/picture for some sounds introduced.


As well as writing and reading phonologically, the children will be introduced to nonsense words. Buried Treasure is a fantastic website to visit to practise these reading skills at home.


As well as learning the sound and action for each letter, we also teach how to write the grapheme. At St Thomas' we write in a cursive style, with each letter starting on the line with a lead in and joining line.

We will be reading and writing the high frequency and tricky words – is, in, it, at, on, not, got, and, I, to, the, no, go and so.

We will be introduced to the tricky words he, she, me, be, we, was, went, do, her

In our handwriting we will focus on curly caterpillar letters – c, a, o, d, g, s, and one armed robot letters - r, n, m, h, b, k, b as well as writing our names.


In Maths, the children will be continuing using the numbers 0-20 to count, order and write confidently. We will also be using number lines and Numicon as everyday resources. We will be finding one more and one less than a number as well as solving simple addition problems using our fingers, dots, marks, practical resources as well as the number line and Numicon.


Which colour represents each number? What do you know about Numicon? What does this picture tell us? What is one more than 4? What is one less than 9?



Discussing and sequencing events, daily routines and learning to tell the time will be taught in Space Shape and Measure. Language associated with measure will also be explored as we measure length and weight. The children will be returning to pattern work, this term designing and making their own repeating pattern, we will be looking out for shapes and patterns in our school environment too!



There is plenty of opportunity to develop your child's understanding of the world around us with lots of child initiated and adult led activities based around Art, Music, Design, Computing, Science and PE.


In RE we will be understanding the celebration of 'Birthdays'

The children will be encouraged to share with others what they know about birthdays and if they can draw on past experiences. We will be discussing and comparing the ways of celebrating. This will lead into learning about the importance of Jesus' birthday and how we celebrate this event.


We will join the whole school in Worship each Monday and Wednesday, with our own class worship each Tuesday afternoon.



We will also be continuing to introduce our 'School Values', more information on these can be found in the 'Values and Vision' section, About us tab.


Journeying Together in Faith and Love

Through our core values of Faith and Love we show....

This term we will focus on



If you have anything to share, which is relevant to the topic, such as a book, story, picture or object, please bring them into school for our EYFS Topic Table.


Remember to always have your book bag and P.E. kit in school and please name each item of clothing!


Tuesday and/or Thursday - PE days
Friday - Library day


Miss Penna teaches the class on a Monday and Tuesday and Mrs Freeman teaches the class on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. Mrs Watters is here every day!

Thank you
Miss Penna
and Mrs Freeman

Teachers - Miss Penna Mrs Freeman
Teaching Assistant- Mrs Watters