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Summer Term 6 2017


We really enjoyed our arty learning challenge and the children were able to create some fantastic displays to share with adults visiting the school. Here's the display we created with the children's Water Lillies pictures!















This term our learning challenge is:

What would you find in Percy's park?

At the beginning of every learning challenge, we start off by asking the children what they already know about the topic. For example; how many different ways can we make art? Do you know any names of artists? We then ask them what they would like to find out, and use this to shape our planning.

We are very excited to be starting this learning challenge with a trip to the Sir Harold Hilliers Gardens.



In our phonics sessions, we will start by reviewing what we have learnt so far. How many phonemes can you remember? Can you use the action to help you? Which of our tricky words do you recognise? Can you write them now too? The children will now be using these sounds to blend and segment in both reading and writing.

We will then begin to introduce new sounds such as 'ear and air' and new tricky words too. 'why, who, when and what'



During Literacy, we will be continuing to work on sentence writing, using the correct punctuation! The children will be learning about the features of non-fiction books and how to use them to find information. They will learn about how to write a letter and we will also be continuing to work on our story writing skills. The children will continue to work on their handwriting skills in weekly handwriting sessions. 




In Maths, we will be consolidating our counting skills, both forwards and backwards, using a number line for support.
 The children will continue to learn their number bonds to 5 and 10, including addition and subtraction number sentences with missing numbers. They will continue to count in groups of 2 and 10, building on their addition and subtractions problems solving skills. This term we will be introducing the concept of doubling and halving.

We will continue to work on recognising and describing 2D and 3D shapes, learning to tell the time and how to measure weight, capacity and length.




Each week we will have a new sub question for the children to investigate.


What would you find in Percy’s Park?

What is a minibeast?

What can we find in our local environment?

Which animals like to live in the dark?

Which animals would enjoy the snow?

Who would live in the oak tree?




During this half term, we will also be learning through Outdoor explorers, where the children will be taken into the field next door to the school, to carry out lots of fun activities which also link in with our learning challenge, including making clay creatures and playing fun team games such as 'bat and moth'.



The children have access to laptops during their child initiated learning, but we also working on their computing skills through weekly sessions. This half term, the children will be reviewing how to log in and open programmes, including Microsoft Word, where they will begin to learn typing skills, using a light box to design patterns and colours and Dazzle where they will use a range of tools to create pictures. 

We also have a new camera for the children to begin exploring!

There is plenty of opportunity to develop your understanding of the world around us with lots of child initiated and adult led activities based around Art, Music, Design, Science and PE.


In RE we will be learning about 'Special People'

Who is special to you? Who is special to Christians? DO we all have the same special people?



We will also be continuing to introduce our 'School Values', more information on these can be found in the 'Values and Vision' section, About us tab.


Journeying Together in Faith and Love
Through our core values of Faith and Love we show....





In worship this term we are thinking about the importance of Truthfulness.

If you have anything to share, which is relevant to the topic, such as a book, story, picture or object, please bring them into school for our EYFS Topic Table.


 Remember to always have your book bag and P.E. kit in school and please name each item of clothing!


Tuesday and/or Thursday - PE days
Friday - Library day 


Mrs Reed teaches the class on a Monday and Tuesday and Mrs Freeman teaches the class on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. Mrs Watters is here every day!

Thank you
Mrs Reed and Mrs Freeman

Teachers - Mrs Reed and Mrs Freeman
Teaching Assistant- Mrs Watters


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