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Welcome to Class 1

Term 6, 2018

Mrs Pearce-King, Mrs Hambidge and Mrs Watters

This half term our learning is based around the book


'Jasper's Beanstalk'

We will be answering the questions...


'How tall is Jasper's Beanstalk?'

'What mini-beasts would we find in Jasper's garden?'





                    In Phonics and Literacy the children will be focusing on retelling and re writing the story of Jasper's Beanstalk, as well as creative and writing their own stories. We will be learning what makes a story interesting and exciting. 

We will also be writing letters and learning the key ingredients in a letter.

All the sounds (a-z) have been introduced using Cued Articulation, as well as the diagraphs;


ch sh th ng oo ee ay ai oa ow ow ff ss zz ll ck or ight oi


New sounds to be introduced this term - ed, er, ur, ear, air.


The children will continue to build on these sounds learnt to read and write words and simple phrases and sentences. Many children are now confident at using these sounds and we are working with their punctuation and sentence structure. Introducing adjectives (WOW words) connectives and new vocabulary to extend their writing. All of this is practiced in our big write work, including writing stories, letters, recounts and poetry.


As well as writing and reading phonologically, the children will continue to practice reading and spotting nonsense words. Buried Treasure is a fantastic website to visit to practice these reading skills at home.


Which is the nonsence word?      back duck neck leck


                                                   coat float hoat road


                                                   well gall fill hill



Alongside learning the sound, name and action for each letter, we also teach how to write the grapheme. At St Thomas' we write in a cursive style, with each letter starting on the line with a lead in and joining line.


We will review reading and writing the high frequency and tricky words – is, in, it, at,  as, up, on, not, got, and, can, get, will, mum, dad, cat, this, then, them, that, with, I, to, the, no, go, so, he, she, me, be, we, was, went, do, her, my, by, said, like, you, one, come, some, all, for, they, are, little, were, want, there, 


New words to be introduced this term - why, who, when out, 


In our handwriting we will continue to focus on writing our names, high frequency words and the letter patterns. The families are listed below


curly caterpillar letters – c, a, o, d, g, s, e, q

one armed robot letters - r, n, m, h, b, k, p

long ladder letters - l, t, j, i, f, y, u

zig zag letters - v, w, x, z



In Maths, the children will be continuing using the numbers 0-20 to count, order and write confidently. We will also be using number lines, number tracks and Numicon as everyday resources.


We begin each session with a mental starter where the children learn mental strategies, for example, pairs to 5, pairs to 10, counting in 2's, counting in 10's and 1 more and 1 less.We will be solving simple addition problems using our fingers, dots, marks, practical resources as well as the number line and Numicon. This term, we will be focusing on writing out number problems and then solving them using the number line or pictoral method.



The children will be solving lots of problems using addition and subtraction strategies. To extend their learning the children will be developing their mathematical knowledge onto writing their own number sentences using the + - and = sign and then solving these problems using the number line.

The children will be learning to count not only in 1s but in 2s,5s and 10s. They will begin to see patterns in their number work and use this knowledge to answer simple maths problems.



In Space Shape and Measure the children are developing their knowledge of Measure. 

Over the half term we will measure length, capacity and weight. Trying to answer our question

'How tall is Jasper's Beanstalk?'

The children will use non standard units to compare and discuss the measurements, and then moving onto using some standard units like cm and m, grams and kilograms and ml and l. 


Through the book, our learning will also include the days of the week and using them in our Maths problems.

There will be lots of sand and water play to enhance their learning, as well as measuring objects around our school.


We will also review the names of 2D and 3D shapes, this term we will focus on describing the shapes using their properties. 


                                                            Guess my shape!


My shape has no has 1 edge.... my shape is a .....


My shape has 6 faces...........2 of the faces are square..... my shape is a.....




There is plenty of opportunity to develop your child's understanding of the world around us with lots of child initiated and adult led activities based around Art, Music, Design, Computing, Science and PE.


The children will be learning about seeds, plants, fruit and vegetables. Understanding what plants need to survive and planting their own seeds. They will also complete observational drawings and paintings of seeds and vegetables as well as working with clay and building other 3D creations!


As well as lots of Physical activities, both fine and gross going on in our classroom and outdoor area, we are very lucky to have our Sports Coach, George, with us every Thursday to teach the children multi-skills and games in their PE lesson and at Lunchtime.     


We also have Sport's Day to practice and look forward to!!


We will join the whole school in Worship each Monday and Tuesday, with our own class worship each Thursday afternoon. Celebration Assembly is every Friday morning,  all parents and guardians are warmly welcomed.



We will also be continuing to introduce our 'School Values', more information on these can be found in the 'Values and Vision' section, About us tab.


Journeying Together in Faith and Love

Through our core values of Faith and Love we show....


This term we will focus on


If you have anything to share, which is relevant to the topic, such as a book, story, picture or object, please bring them into school for our EYFS Topic Table.


Remember to always have your book bag and P.E. kit in school and please name each item of clothing!


 Thursday - PE day

Friday - Library day


Mrs Hambidge teaches the class on a Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday and Mrs Pearce-King teaches the class on  Thursdays and Fridays. Mrs Watters is here every day.

Teachers - Mrs Pearce-King Mrs Hambidge
Teaching Assistant- Mrs Watters